Saturday, July 21, 2018

Chris Helton: God Given Talent for Art

Chris Helton was born and raised in Wendell North Carolina. When he was about five years old his mother told him that he had a “God given talent” for drawing and ever since then it has become one of his biggest passions!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Introducing MHolloway Photography

Marshall Holloway Jr. is from Dudley, NC but has resided in Durham, NC for the last 20 years.

  • If he could do a shoot for a celebrity it would be Rihanna!
  • If he could shoot anywhere in the world it would be Africa because of the scenery and the culture!!

To any up and coming Photographers, he offers: "study your craft every day and invest all that you can in order to get it to prosper and of course love what you do."

He started his company after receiving his first DSLR (a nice camera) as a gift, and from there he knew that photography was his passion! The name of his company is MHolloway Photography. This name emerged in 2012 but he had little success at first, so he let it go. Yet, the fire still burned inside of him to capture images. So, from there he created a plan involving investments, skilled developments, reinvented himself, and gave it another shot.

He’s been sharing his creative eye for photography for approximately 8 years. His first photo-shoot experience was a family session at Duke Gardens. What he remembers most is how much he didn't know about how to operate his camera effectively (-he laughs at the memory-).

The style of photography that most interests him are dramatic, dramatic, and more dramatic images! He loves shooting late evening/night and in low light. The combination of both brings so much life to his photos!

The Photo Life
The most beneficial class that he has taken is with the highly skilled and talented Photographer and Videographer by the name of Chris Cheek. But, he also spent hours upon hours of watching tutorials and reading books at the library about photography.

Of course, with any passion, there can be challenges and he finds that he mostly has trouble getting models to manifest the most flattering facial expressions. Sometimes the weather, distractions and sometimes the frames. But overall he find a way to overcome any obstacles. 

Check out more of his work below:

Instagram: mhollowayphotography